Why Did I Choose To Develop On Android Rather Than IOS?

Being an iOS developer, creating apps for THE iPhone, certainly has a ‘cool factor’ but the costs involved in setting up a development environment is very HOT. That was the main reason that pushed me to join the Android developers community, but Android is fast becoming very popular because of it’s openness. You can have an Android device for less than $100 and the cost of setting up the development environment is not high as well. In fact, you can start creating Android apps on a low priced computer running a free operating system such as Linux or Ubuntu.

The ‘apps culture’ is quite different for the iOS and Android platform, in my opinion. It is easier to make money selling apps directly to iPhone/iPad/iPod users, whereas with Android, you will have to be a bit more smart with the way you are going to make money from the apps. The best way is probably to place ads in the apps and get paid per impression. A nice, useful and cleverly marketed Android apps can have thousands, if not millions, of installs.

Before starting my mobile development experiments, I already had some experience programming in Java, so adopting java for Android was not too hard. On the other hand, when I tried to learn the basics of Objective C for iOS, I quickly realized there is a very steep learning curve ahead of me. That’s certainly NOT a reason for me to give up iOS development though.

So, will I start developing apps for iPhone in the near future?

Certainly YES, until I have enough money to setup everything, but for the time being I still have quite a lot to learn and put in practice in my mobile apps. Hopefully, will put some Android apps on the Google Play Store soon.

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