Where Have I Been?

I have not updated the blog since quite a while. I have been busy, although I must admit I have also been very lazy. I have been reading some books and learning some new things. I’m currently reading a book on Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion. There is a lot cool stuffs about how the human psychology can be “manipulated” in this book. Anyone interested in marketing should read it.

The last thing I did on the blog was to upload digital copies of my certificates. So now, anyone who wants to check if I am who I claim to be can clear their doubts.

What am I gonna add next?

I own the rights to a series of self-improvement tips. I want to set up all the tips in an autoresponder so as to send a daily self-improvement tip to anyone who subscribes to receive them. The tips and advice will cover many aspects such as goal setting, building self esteem, etc…

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