What Is This Internet Lifestyle Thing?

For me, the internet lifestyle is freedom. Freedom to be where I want, when I want and not let someone else control my life.  I’m a bit of an individualist (someone who pursues individual thoughts and actions). Of course, that does not mean I don’t care for other people around. In fact, many times I find myself caring a bit too much for some people. Anyways, back to the topic of Internet Lifestyle.

Well, I can say I’m partially living the Internet Lifestyle. I have some level of freedom because I work for myself on the Internet. I will be living it fully when I hopefully manage to get rid of the “dullness” from my life. And, I also have a problem of shyness too. I dream to travel the World with just a laptop and plug it anywhere I get internet access, do some work and move on living my dream. I just don’t want to be stuck in an office and rely on a monthly check, while someone else is making big fortunes off my hard work. I just have one life to live, I might as well make the most of it.

Oh well, let’s see if I get to live the Internet Lifestyle fully in the near future. To know about that, you will have to visit my blog regularly :P

As for now, I’m happy to be working for myself and not have my life controlled by an employer.

2 thoughts on “What Is This Internet Lifestyle Thing?

  1. Amy

    Haha! This post is soooo ME! I guess everyone who wants to be free think alike. I hope to get where you are really soon.

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