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The Twenty Twelve Theme By The WordPress Team

As you can see, I have once again changed the theme of this blog. The Twenty Twelve theme has just recently been released by the WordPress team and it is awesome. It’s a clean theme and fully responsive, so your website will look nice on all screen sizes.

It is packed with tons of features so that you can easily customize the looks to your taste. I have not played around with it much, but we can surely make marvelous child themes based on this one.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back soon :)

On a personal note, I’m quite mad at myself for still not posting here often :(

A Responsive Theme

Instant Love – The Sunspot Theme

A Responsive Theme

As you can see, I have changed the theme of the blog. I am now using the Sunspot theme from Automattic. It has very recently been added to the WordPress repository and I instantly fell in love with this new look as soon I saw it, A dark mysterious look, with bright sunlight orange on the borders.

One of the main reasons I adopted this new theme is because it is responsive, which basically means it adapts to the size of the screen viewing it. So now my blog will naturally look nice whether you are viewing it on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. There is no need to have a plugin installed for that anymore, and this makes the response time faster on a mobile device.

The sunspot theme is also very beautifully designed. At the moment, I haven’t changed much of the settings and the site is already looking cool, isn’t it? Of course, I will miss my Panorama theme by Themocracy, but we are now in 2012 and a responsive theme is necessary, especially when I am a mobile developer for the Android platform and also getting into HTML5 now.

Do you have a WordPress blog too? There are already a couple of responsive themes available for free on the repository, go ahead and install one, and see how your site looks on a mobile device.

But don’t change your themes too often though, some readers who are used to reading your blog on a clean white theme might freak out when they see a mysterious dark theme! ;) That’s it for now, have fun!

IF You Read THIS THEN You Must Visit THAT Website

If I just tell you there is a website called ifttt.com, you would probably think it’s an absurd domain name. But if I tell you ifttt stand for ‘if this then that’, I’m pretty sure you will never forget this domain. Cool website branding huh? On top of that, what the website does is also very cool.

Basically you join the site and create tasks, based on triggers(this) and actions(that) on the various channels(Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc). So, when ‘this’ happens ‘that’ is done automatically. For example, you may create a task to tweet on your Twitter account when you make a blog post on your Worpress blog.

The concept is really as simple as that, there is nothing more to be said, go and see for yourself at ifttt.com.

No Blog Post For September 2009

Wow, I can’t believe that I have not made any post for this month of September 2009. Well, I have been quite busy and somewhat lazy as well. But, I won’t tell you about the lazy, because I want you all to think that I work so hard and I’m always busy with work ;).

This month I started working on two new projects (that is, two new websites), that I’ve started from scratch. I was supposed to start only one of them, but the opportunity to start a second profitable project came in front of my eyeballs, so I grabbed it :).

In project one, I’m basically just using articles to promote the vendor’s product, which is the easiest thing to do. I also setup a blog but so far no posts have been made on the blog, so the blogging phase of the project is still pending.

For project two, the website is one a keyword-rich domain, so I am taking advantage of that fact to optimize the website (which is obviously powered by WordPress) to rank higher for Search Engines. So far, the website is ranking among the top ten results in Google for the main keyword which gets about 2500 searches per month.

I also had to update WordPress to the lastest version on all websites because there was a security issue with the previous version. Things move fast in an opensource community, so we have to stay updated if we don’t want ot be left behind.

P.S. I’m sorry, but I can’t reveal more information about the projects I’m working on, so don’t ask :P.

Dealing With Spam Comments

The last few days I noticed some spam comments on the blog. They are the type of comments that are not related to the post and are used to promote some other websites. I have no problem with someone wanting to have a link back to their blog or website, but the comment should be relevant to the post, and the website they link to should be decent. By decent, I mean the kind of websites you will let your 10 year old daughter view.

Anyways, since I can’t be deleting these spam comments every time, I have just activated Akismet. Akismet is a WordPress plugin which checks comments using their web service to determine if the comment in question is spam or not. I have it activated on my other blogs too, and it really does eliminate a lot of the spam comments.

You would need a WordPress.com API Key to activate it. You can get one by registering an account at WordPress.com and you are all set to deal with spam comments.