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From Self-Employed To Employed Once Again

After about 1.5 years of being my own boss, I finally signed a contract for a job as a Software Developer yesterday. It was about time! :P. At first, I badly wanted to be self-employed and it worked fine for me, but it’s not something I can do for long term.

Working from home was great at first, but after a while I started getting bored sitting at home all day, and working at hours that most people would normally relax or sleep. Gradually, I was losing the motivation to work, especially because I was doing the same things over and over again for each project.

But now, I’m already beginning to feel like I’m alive again :). And I’m gonna be programming again, so that’s great. It’s time for me to explore some new horizons, learn some new skills, master my own skills, and above all, to stop sitting on my ass all day at home in front of this screen!!