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Do You Have A PayPal Account?


Paypal provides a secure environment to make purchases and receive payments safely over the Internet. Basically, what you do is you feed your credit card or bank account details in your Paypal account and then you only need to use your email address to make and receive payments.

Unfortunately, Paypal’s sevices are still not available completely in some part of the worlds. In 2005, when I first discovered Paypal, I was eager to open my account, but they later informed me that they were not offering their services in Mauritius. Fast forward three years later, they now opened their services to Mauritians, but you still have some restrictions on your account. For example, we can not add a local bank account or receive payments. But, in my case, my local Mauritian Paypal account helps me a great deal in sending payments for things I purchase online.

So, do you have a Paypal account? If not, you may open an account here.