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Easily Add Watermarks To Your WordPress Images With This Plugin

Hello people,

Yeah, I know… Once again I have been very lazy in updating the blog. But hey, at least I’m not giving up on the blog. So, today I just discovered a brand new but very useful WordPress plugin for all those you like to post images on their blog and hate to edit each and every image to add watermarks to it.

Now, there’s the Image Watermark plugin from the WP repository (which means installation is as easy as finding the plugin in your admin area and clicking Install). It allows you to easily add watermarks to all your pictures uploaded in the WordPress Media Library. You can basically have a custom watermark image that you can position on your pictures and preview it before posting.

It also has a few other features to discourage people from easily coping your pictures. It can disable right click or copying via drag and drop, etc…

That’s if for now folks. Go check the plugin out if this is something you have been looking for.