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Firefox 9 – Sweetness and Simplicity

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There has recently been a number of Firefox releases prior to Firefox 9. After quite a while, I have finally upgraded to the latest version and it had a good first impression. It’s a sweet and simple browser specifically designed for surfing Internet with ease.

According to Mozilla, Firefox 9 is significantly faster than the older versions. I previously mentioned about optimizing Firefox with Tabloc add-on, there is no need for this here. Similar functions are readily available in this version.

I just wish there were not so many releases so often, I’m too lazy to update so often ;). So, have you upgraded your Firefox browser yet? What do you think of it?

Optimize Your Mozilla Firefox Experience With These Two Add-Ons

I have been a Firefox user since a very long time, but I rarely install new plug-ins and add-ons unless I really need them. Recently, I came across the following two Firefox add-ons that I made my experience with Firefox much more pleasant. Wish I had come across them before.


This extension allows you to minimize the size of a tab to the size of a favicon. This is perfect if you usually open a lot of tabs in your Firefox browser. It also has an auto faviconize feature, whereby it will automatically faviconize URLs that you specify.


This add-on allows you to lock, shift lock and protect tabs. Whenever a link is clicked in a locked tab, it opens up in a new tab, whereas a protect tab prohibits the closing of a tab.

Use the above two extensions together and you shall optimize your Mozilla Firefox experience!