Android Development

Developing apps for the Android platform is rather new. When I first started learning about it, I thought it would be hard to find solutions on the Internet, but when I actually starting looking for answers, I was overwhelmed with the amount of helpful resources out there, and now it has become hard to remember all the sites. Hence, I have started this page to keep and ever-updated list of helpful sites for Android developers.


I believe the very first go-to resource for Android development has to be StackOverflow. I have found answers to most of my problems already answered there. Chances are, someone has already been in the situation you are.


If you prefer viewing instead of reading, you will come up with tons of helpful video tutorials by simply doing a search on Youtube.


Another great place where you can find a list of Android tutorials is Mobile Tuts+.


A must-see website for any Android developer, beginner or experienced : Training and tutorials by Lars Vogel


The (not so) long (yet) list goes here…

Keep checking this page for more websites, I will keep adding them to this Ever-Updated List of Android Development Sites.

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