Getting Started With Android Apps Development

Long time, no post ;)

Anyways, the last few weeks I have started learning Android apps development for mobiles and tablets. I have had the chance to do quite a bit of programming in Java at RMIT University, but never really used the skills in the real world. So, now I will be re new those skills when developing my android apps.

As with any new programming platform, I started with a ‘Hello World’ application and ran it on the emulator for an Android phone. Currently, I reading some books and working on a simple application that will post and retrieve status updates from a Twitter-like site.

For anyone wishing to get started developing apps, I recommend going through all the resources available on the Android Developers Guide for a start and then start reading some books. But above all, it’s very important to get your hands dirty and actually practice. It may all seem so complicated when you are just reading, it’s only when you get started doing it and with some practice that you will get familiar with all the stuffs.

The hardest part at first would probably be to setup your programming environment. As suggested in the Android Developers Guide, I’m using the latest version of Eclipse with the ADT plugin. I will be posting more about Android apps development soon…

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