Dealing With Spam Comments

The last few days I noticed some spam comments on the blog. They are the type of comments that are not related to the post and are used to promote some other websites. I have no problem with someone wanting to have a link back to their blog or website, but the comment should be relevant to the post, and the website they link to should be decent. By decent, I mean the kind of websites you will let your 10 year old daughter view.

Anyways, since I can’t be deleting these spam comments every time, I have just activated Akismet. Akismet is a WordPress plugin which checks comments using their web service to determine if the comment in question is spam or not. I have it activated on my other blogs too, and it really does eliminate a lot of the spam comments.

You would need a API Key to activate it. You can get one by registering an account at and you are all set to deal with spam comments.

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