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Easily Add Watermarks To Your WordPress Images With This Plugin

Hello people,

Yeah, I know… Once again I have been very lazy in updating the blog. But hey, at least I’m not giving up on the blog. So, today I just discovered a brand new but very useful WordPress plugin for all those you like to post images on their blog and hate to edit each and every image to add watermarks to it.

Now, there’s the Image Watermark plugin from the WP repository (which means installation is as easy as finding the plugin in your admin area and clicking Install). It allows you to easily add watermarks to all your pictures uploaded in the WordPress Media Library. You can basically have a custom watermark image that you can position on your pictures and preview it before posting.

It also has a few other features to discourage people from easily coping your pictures. It can disable right click or copying via drag and drop, etc…

That’s if for now folks. Go check the plugin out if this is something you have been looking for.

My Step-By-Step Checklist For Setting Up A New Website

Over the years, I have set up a large number (didn’t count how many) of websites for myself and clients. I have almost always used WordPress, there the checklist below is about the steps I follow to setup my WordPress websites. If you think you can help improve the list, please do leave me a comment.

Register a domain.

Point the domain name to server.

Add the domain as an add-on domain.

Install WordPress on the TLD (Top Level Domain).

Choose a suitable WordPress theme for the website.

Customize the theme’s header, menu, widgets, etc…

Start writing and publishing content.

Feel free to use this list to setup your websites, and check off each step as you go.

The Twenty Twelve Theme By The WordPress Team

As you can see, I have once again changed the theme of this blog. The Twenty Twelve theme has just recently been released by the WordPress team and it is awesome. It’s a clean theme and fully responsive, so your website will look nice on all screen sizes.

It is packed with tons of features so that you can easily customize the looks to your taste. I have not played around with it much, but we can surely make marvelous child themes based on this one.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back soon :)

On a personal note, I’m quite mad at myself for still not posting here often :(

HTML5 And The New World Wide Web

HTML5 is the much awaited major revision of the current HTML specification, which is not officially released yet. This new version is going to have a number of innovations added to it that is really going to change the face of the world wide web. New tags and attributes will be added and useless tags removed, more on this can be found on the official site at


Now, the inconvenience that comes with the use of HTML5 features is that not all web browsers support all of them. To find out what’s compatible in what browser and what’s not, jump to to find out.


Some of the best features in HTML5 are:

  • Easy validation of forms.
  • Geo-localisation from browser. This is awesome, especially when you want to locate yourself on a map from your mobile phone’s browser.
  • Offline storage. Ok, this is awesome too. Basically, a number of web pages and data can be stored to be accessed offline.
  • Drag-and-drop for moving objects within a webpage.
  • And many more.


What makes HTML5 even more powerful is the use of frameworks such as PhoneGap that can use a web app and generate a native app for mobile phones, such as IPhones, Android phones, Blackberrys, etc. PhoneGap even allows the web app to access and use features of the phone such as the camera for taking pictures, contacts from the phone memory, etc.


I think any mobile developers should play a bit with HTML5 too, instead of focusing on specific native apps. It’s hard to develop applications for each specific mobile platform, but a web application built in HTML5 will run on all the mobiles’ browsers. That said, HTML5 can not also replace everything a native app can do.

Optimize Your Mozilla Firefox Experience With These Two Add-Ons

I have been a Firefox user since a very long time, but I rarely install new plug-ins and add-ons unless I really need them. Recently, I came across the following two Firefox add-ons that I made my experience with Firefox much more pleasant. Wish I had come across them before.


This extension allows you to minimize the size of a tab to the size of a favicon. This is perfect if you usually open a lot of tabs in your Firefox browser. It also has an auto faviconize feature, whereby it will automatically faviconize URLs that you specify.


This add-on allows you to lock, shift lock and protect tabs. Whenever a link is clicked in a locked tab, it opens up in a new tab, whereas a protect tab prohibits the closing of a tab.

Use the above two extensions together and you shall optimize your Mozilla Firefox experience!