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Belated Happy New Year 2012

Here I am in mid-January, wishing all my readers a belated Happy New Year 2012 :). Better be late than never, yeah?


It’s been already 6 months since my last post on this blog, wow I really need to kick myself in the ass to post here more often. But there are so many things to keep me busy everyday that I just forget about posting here, especially during the New Year period. I guess I should make posting on my blog one of my New Year’s resolutions ;).


So what’s new on the blog?


Notice the panoramic banner at the top of this site, well it used to be the random banners that originally came with this theme as you can see in this snapshot taken when I first installed it:


Blog Theme


Now you can see a banner of my beautiful island, Mauritius. If you click on it, you will be taken to my new site where I will be talking a lot about the island. I will add more banners as soon as I get them ready.


Do tell me what you think about my sites by commenting on my posts.

Where Have I Been?

I have not updated the blog since quite a while. I have been busy, although I must admit I have also been very lazy. I have been reading some books and learning some new things. I’m currently reading a book on Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion. There is a lot cool stuffs about how the human psychology can be “manipulated” in this book. Anyone interested in marketing should read it.

The last thing I did on the blog was to upload digital copies of my certificates. So now, anyone who wants to check if I am who I claim to be can clear their doubts.

What am I gonna add next?

I own the rights to a series of self-improvement tips. I want to set up all the tips in an autoresponder so as to send a daily self-improvement tip to anyone who subscribes to receive them. The tips and advice will cover many aspects such as goal setting, building self esteem, etc…

Welcome To All & Happy Birthday To Me!

Today June 14th 2009 is the day I turn 25. I have lived a quarter of a century already. It seems like it was just a few days ago I was a kid playing soccer at primary school with my classmates…. and zaaappp…. all of a sudden I’m 25.

I have achieved a few things in this time, but in my opinion I could achieve more, especially in the last few years. Life after graduation has been dull. Anyways, the reason I have put up this blog today is to take out this “dullness” out of my life and learn/experience new things everyday and share it with the world.

So, there is a lot more to come… stay tuned.