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Merged My Skype and MSN Messenger Accounts

What theā€¦ I just merged my MSN Messenger and Skype accounts, and to my surprise, I can now see people whom I had deleted on MSN Messenger, back on my contact list. That’s something I definitely was not expecting. In trying to make my life easier by merging these 2 accounts, I just complicated things more for me.

I guess it’s firstly my fault because I should have done some reading before merging my contacts and I would have seen that quite a few users have encountered similar situations. But well, it’s done now and the worst part is that I can’t re-delete the MSN contacts from Skype directly.

After googling for a while, I figured I would need to delete the contacts from my Live account, which I did and now it seems the said MSN contact has disappeared from Skype. So, now I will need to go through all my contacts again and delete the ones I need do. Waste of time. :(

Firefox 9 – Sweetness and Simplicity

Firefox Website

There has recently been a number of Firefox releases prior to Firefox 9. After quite a while, I have finally upgraded to the latest version and it had a good first impression. It’s a sweet and simple browser specifically designed for surfing Internet with ease.

According to Mozilla, Firefox 9 is significantly faster than the older versions. I previously mentioned about optimizing Firefox with Tabloc add-on, there is no need for this here. Similar functions are readily available in this version.

I just wish there were not so many releases so often, I’m too lazy to update so often ;). So, have you upgraded your Firefox browser yet? What do you think of it?

Quick Response Code (QR Code): Yet Another Technological Revolution

What the heck is a QR code? Even I had no idea what it is, until a few weeks ago. And since then, I see the QR code phenomenon becoming more and more popular. We all know what a bar code is. Well, it’s something similar, but consists of black modules on a white background enclosed in a square area. When scanned, it will reveal a message, a URL, contact details, etc…

The smart people in Japan are the ones who came up with this QR concept and is actually very commonly used over there. Thanks to phones that are no longer dumb (smart phones!), scanning and reading the code has become quite easy. All you need is a QR reader application, and you scan it with your camera phone to reveal the text. As I said before, it doesn’t just hold a text, it can have a URL that will automatically open in a browser when scanned. That is how, many businesses are now using it as part of their website marketing.

By the way, it’s not hard to get a QR code for yourself, you can generate one from a free QR code generator on the web. Here is mine.