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Do You Enjoy Writing? You Can Write And Make Money Online

A couple of weeks ago, I did quite a bit of research about writing articles as a businessĀ and it was then that I discovered that anyone who enjoys writing can make money online by submitting their original articles to some sites. Although, you won’t become a millionaire by writing for the sites that I am about to mention, you can still make a little money on the side. In fact, I gave up on the idea of writing solely for those sites, because I quickly realized that I would have to work too much for too little money. Then again, you might just get lucky and get hired full-time by someone for a higher pay.

The following is a list of websites where wanna-be content producers can get started selling their writings to website owners in need of quality content.

I hope all you writers out there will find this small list helpful. There are many more such websites, have a look around if you are not happy with the ones I mentioned.

Note: The above-mentioned sites were active and accepting new writers at the time of writing, maybe some of them won’t be when you are checking them.

Where To Draw The Line Between Making Money And Making A Difference

It’s been a long while since I made a new post on this blog. I was supposed to be posting and sharing my knowledge with the World more regularly, but somehow I was “too busy” doing my stuffs that I kept procrastinating about writing anything here.

Today, I feel a bit guilty for what I have been doing the last few months. I was basically running after money, trying to make more and more money with my online business. When I had a job last year and Internet Marketing was just my hobby, I was not really bothered about the money I was making from it. But, ever since I decided to do Internet Marketing fulltime, it became my source of income and i began “chasing” more money from it, and I was not much bothered if I was providing value to my clients.

Well, this does not mean that I’m going to get a job in the corporate world and make this Internet Marketing thing my hobby again. No way. I just love my freedom of not having to answer to a boss way too much to ever want to get a job again. But, I’m definitely going to put more focus on providing value to my customers. It’s CRUCIAL that I do. Otherwise, I’m no better that those businessmen who sell cheap stuffs at high prices just to make more money.

So yea, it’s time for me to draw the line between making money and making a difference.

P.S. I also want to thank that one potential customer who emailed me saying that I was beating around the bush to make more money and not providing value. THANK YOU. It was the wake up call I needed.

Do You Have A PayPal Account?


Paypal provides a secure environment to make purchases and receive payments safely over the Internet. Basically, what you do is you feed your credit card or bank account details in your Paypal account and then you only need to use your email address to make and receive payments.

Unfortunately, Paypal’s sevices are still not available completely in some part of the worlds. In 2005, when I first discovered Paypal, I was eager to open my account, but they later informed me that they were not offering their services in Mauritius. Fast forward three years later, they now opened their services to Mauritians, but you still have some restrictions on your account. For example, we can not add a local bank account or receive payments. But, in my case, my local Mauritian Paypal account helps me a great deal in sending payments for things I purchase online.

So, do you have a Paypal account? If not, you may open an account here.