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What’s The Difference Between Facebook Fanpage And Facebook Group?

Fanpages and groups have their distinct roles on the social network. Firstly, a fanpage has fans, whereas a group has members. You can have a fanpage about a product, brand, celebrity, website or whatever and anyone can come and like the page and share their comments as well. But, a group would be more appropriate if you want to build a relationship with it’s members.

A fanpage can be on it’s own. In fact, you don’t need to have a Facebook profile to create a page. On the other hand, a group is linked to an admin. The admin has control on the group, he can add or remove members, he can delete posts in the group, he can also add others as admin too. To join a private group, the person needs to make a request and the admin chooses to accept or reject the request. Existing members in the group can also add members to it.

Of course, both have similarities as well, such as the ability to advertise upcoming events and posting on their wall.

I have recently created a fanpage for Zuberr.com, I hope you like it and become a fan. :)

IF You Read THIS THEN You Must Visit THAT Website

If I just tell you there is a website called ifttt.com, you would probably think it’s an absurd domain name. But if I tell you ifttt stand for ‘if this then that’, I’m pretty sure you will never forget this domain. Cool website branding huh? On top of that, what the website does is also very cool.

Basically you join the site and create tasks, based on triggers(this) and actions(that) on the various channels(Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc). So, when ‘this’ happens ‘that’ is done automatically. For example, you may create a task to tweet on your Twitter account when you make a blog post on your Worpress blog.

The concept is really as simple as that, there is nothing more to be said, go and see for yourself at ifttt.com.