Merged My Skype and MSN Messenger Accounts

What theā€¦ I just merged my MSN Messenger and Skype accounts, and to my surprise, I can now see people whom I had deleted on MSN Messenger, back on my contact list. That’s something I definitely was not expecting. In trying to make my life easier by merging these 2 accounts, I just complicated things more for me.

I guess it’s firstly my fault because I should have done some reading before merging my contacts and I would have seen that quite a few users have encountered similar situations. But well, it’s done now and the worst part is that I can’t re-delete the MSN contacts from Skype directly.

After googling for a while, I figured I would need to delete the contacts from my Live account, which I did and now it seems the said MSN contact has disappeared from Skype. So, now I will need to go through all my contacts again and delete the ones I need do. Waste of time. :(

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