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How To Convert Your WordPress Blog To An Image Gallery

The NextGEN Gallery plugin can convert your WordPress blog to a full-fledged Image Gallery in just a few steps.  This one is really good and has a lot of options and features to make you gallery even more powerful.

An interesting feature is that you can easily add watermark image or text to your images. It’s always a good idea to have a little watermark or text that displays your website address on the picture. No matter where someone sees your picture on the web, he or she will know where it originated from.

NextGEN Gallery also easily allows you to add effects when displaying the image. You may even make a slideshow of your best pictures and showcase it on the gallery. Overall, it’s a very cool WordPress plugin if you are going to upload a lot of images/pictures/photos on your blog.

Connect Your Blog To Social Networking Sites With Social Media Widget

Almost everyone online is on one or more of the social networking sites out there. If someone says he does not know what Facebook is, the only reason for that would be because he has been living in a cave since the last few years :P. Unlike this caveman, I have profiles on many of these social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Youtube, etc. So, I was looking for an easy way to connect my blog with these social media, and I found this great WordPress plugin – Social Media Widget.

It took me just a few minutes to install the plugin and set it up to show the icons and links to my profile on the various social networks. The icons are available in different styles and sizes. Even though most of the social media sites are supported in the plugin, you can also add a few custom URL of your own. You can see it in action on my sidebar, it looks something like this:

Social Media Links

The Social Media Widget

Go check it out on the WordPress Plugin Directory for a full list of features.

Did You Notice The New Contact Form?

I have finally added a contact form to the website. Now readers and clients can use this form to contact me more easily without me having to publish my email address openly. The problem with publishing an email address openly is that it doesn’t take long for spambots to catch your email address and in no time you start receiving all kinds of spam emails. No one likes to have spam in their inbox!!

How did I set up the contact form?

I used Takayuki Miyoshi’s Contact Form 7, which is a free plugin that can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory, together with Really Simple CAPTCHA for the CAPTCHA module at the bottom of the form (once again, to reduce spam mails in my inbox). That’s about it actually. And then I called the contact form I created with these plugins on a WordPress page.

Having difficulty setting up the form on your website?

Just use my contact form to get in touch with me and we can work something out. ;)

Automatic Linking of Keyword to URL with WordPress

Hello Reader,

How are you doing? I hope you are doing great!

The last few days, I have been experimenting with a few WordPress plugins to automatically link a keyword in the posts/comments to a URL (a Web address).  I need such a tool so that I don’t have to manually link the keywords when I am typing the post, and also to automatically change the links on all post if I need to.

I tested a few plugins, but apparently they have not been updated since a while and I was having problems making them work on the latest versions of WordPress. It’s really sad that some developers give up on upgrading their plugins. Well, we can’t blame them either, they are providing us with great tools and if no one supports them, sooner or later they will give up. So, if you like a WordPress plugin, and you want the developers to continue working on it, consider giving them a donation or at least spread the word around so that they get some visibility out there.

Anyways, here are the plugins that I came across that can (could) automatically link keywords to URLs:

But, the one that worked for me (so far) is:

  • SEO Automatic Links (It’s easy to setup, easy to use and above all, it will make you some easy money if you use it well)

I hope you found some value in this post! WordPress is a great CMS (Content Management System) and if ever you are stuck with something, remember there is a WordPress community to help you out. You just need to ask!

Dealing With Spam Comments

The last few days I noticed some spam comments on the blog. They are the type of comments that are not related to the post and are used to promote some other websites. I have no problem with someone wanting to have a link back to their blog or website, but the comment should be relevant to the post, and the website they link to should be decent. By decent, I mean the kind of websites you will let your 10 year old daughter view.

Anyways, since I can’t be deleting these spam comments every time, I have just activated Akismet. Akismet is a WordPress plugin which checks comments using their web service to determine if the comment in question is spam or not. I have it activated on my other blogs too, and it really does eliminate a lot of the spam comments.

You would need a API Key to activate it. You can get one by registering an account at and you are all set to deal with spam comments.