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IF You Read THIS THEN You Must Visit THAT Website

If I just tell you there is a website called, you would probably think it’s an absurd domain name. But if I tell you ifttt stand for ‘if this then that’, I’m pretty sure you will never forget this domain. Cool website branding huh? On top of that, what the website does is also very cool.

Basically you join the site and create tasks, based on triggers(this) and actions(that) on the various channels(Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc). So, when ‘this’ happens ‘that’ is done automatically. For example, you may create a task to tweet on your Twitter account when you make a blog post on your Worpress blog.

The concept is really as simple as that, there is nothing more to be said, go and see for yourself at

You Need A Website, Whether You Are A Student, Working Professional, Self Employed Entrepreneur Or Even Unemployed.

Having a website does not cost have to cost a lot of money these days, you only need to pay your hosting fees and register a domain name, that’s it. Getting a dynamic website online is no longer complicated either. If you know how to read and send emails on the web, you will probably be able to setup your own website yourself. If not, you can still hire someone for very cheap though.

Student, you need a website because you want to showcase all your projects you have been working on during your course. So, when you are going to look for a job, you can simply direct your employer to your site and they can see all your work. In case, you don’t intend to look for a job but work for yourself, you can setup your site as a portfolio to lure your clients into hiring you. As a student, your website (or a blog) will help you a great deal to make contacts in your field of study.

Working Professional, you may be very happy with your current job, but it’s very likely that you won’t be working for the same company your whole life. Or maybe, you just like to go to interviews to know what you are worth on the job market. In both cases, you need a website to showcase your expertise as a professional in your field.  These days, employers have the tendency to look up potential employees’ names on the web to source out more information about them. So, you would rather want them to land on a site with your own domain name (such as where you control the information about you, rather than a random site, or a Facebook profile page.

Self Employed Entrepreneur, having a website address on your business will make you look professional. I doubt you would want to have a Facebook address on your business card, although that’s not a bad idea either. But, Facebook is NOT your site, it can be used to create awareness about your business by directing people to your site. You can also use the website to sell your products or services directly to your customers, instead of using third party websites, where you will probably have to pay huge fees.

Unemployed, you may be thinking why the heck would you need a website? Well, you can use a website to generate a source of income for you. While this kind of website will be slightly more complicated than the above ones, it’s certainly possible, and very rewarding in the long run. Many people run successful web businesses from the comfort of their homes, and they earn more than what they would at a job. Trust me, there are many, I’m very passionate about web businesses, so I know. I have a couple of websites built for this purpose myself, although at this time, it’s more a hobby than a full fledged business for me.

Optimize Your Mozilla Firefox Experience With These Two Add-Ons

I have been a Firefox user since a very long time, but I rarely install new plug-ins and add-ons unless I really need them. Recently, I came across the following two Firefox add-ons that I made my experience with Firefox much more pleasant. Wish I had come across them before.


This extension allows you to minimize the size of a tab to the size of a favicon. This is perfect if you usually open a lot of tabs in your Firefox browser. It also has an auto faviconize feature, whereby it will automatically faviconize URLs that you specify.


This add-on allows you to lock, shift lock and protect tabs. Whenever a link is clicked in a locked tab, it opens up in a new tab, whereas a protect tab prohibits the closing of a tab.

Use the above two extensions together and you shall optimize your Mozilla Firefox experience!

How To Convert Your WordPress Blog To An Image Gallery

The NextGEN Gallery plugin can convert your WordPress blog to a full-fledged Image Gallery in just a few steps.  This one is really good and has a lot of options and features to make you gallery even more powerful.

An interesting feature is that you can easily add watermark image or text to your images. It’s always a good idea to have a little watermark or text that displays your website address on the picture. No matter where someone sees your picture on the web, he or she will know where it originated from.

NextGEN Gallery also easily allows you to add effects when displaying the image. You may even make a slideshow of your best pictures and showcase it on the gallery. Overall, it’s a very cool WordPress plugin if you are going to upload a lot of images/pictures/photos on your blog.

Connect Your Blog To Social Networking Sites With Social Media Widget

Almost everyone online is on one or more of the social networking sites out there. If someone says he does not know what Facebook is, the only reason for that would be because he has been living in a cave since the last few years :P. Unlike this caveman, I have profiles on many of these social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Youtube, etc. So, I was looking for an easy way to connect my blog with these social media, and I found this great WordPress plugin – Social Media Widget.

It took me just a few minutes to install the plugin and set it up to show the icons and links to my profile on the various social networks. The icons are available in different styles and sizes. Even though most of the social media sites are supported in the plugin, you can also add a few custom URL of your own. You can see it in action on my sidebar, it looks something like this:

Social Media Links

The Social Media Widget

Go check it out on the WordPress Plugin Directory for a full list of features.